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Who Is Stamford Tyres

PT. Stamford Tyres Distributor Indonesia (the “Company”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Stamford Tyres Corporation Limited in Singapore (a listed company in SGX), was established under Foreign Investment Law on 21 August 2002, based on notarial deed of Sri Nanning S.H., Notary Public in Jakarta. The deed of establishment had been approved by the Indonesian Minister of Justice and Law Decree No. C-23853 HT 01.01.TH2002 dated 04 December 2002. The Articles of Association had been amended several times, the latest by notarial deed No. 16 of Judy K. H. Sentana, SH, MH dated 11 December 2008, concerning the changes of company’s authorized capital and paid-up capital of the company. This amendment was approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia in its Decision Letter No. AHU-07710.AH.01.02 year 2009 dated 16 March 2009. The Company started its commercial operation in October 2002.

The Company has 91 employees as at 31 August 2015.

The following are officers of the Company;

1. Mr. Wee Kok Wah *
Mr. Wee Kok Wah is the incumbent President of Stamford Tyres Corporation Limited (parent company) and is holding different positions in the Stamford Tyres Group.

2. Mrs. Dawn Kwok Wai Ying *
Mrs. Dawn Kwok Wai Ying is currently the Executive Vice President of Stamford Tyres Corporation Limited (parent company) and is holding different positions in the Stamford Tyres Group.

3. Mr. Conson Tiu Sia
Mr. Conson Tiu Sia is currently the Group Chief Financial Officer of Stamford Tyres Corporation Limited (parent company). He is also the Director of PT Stamford Tyres Indonesia (related company operating in Timika) as well as holding different positions in the Stamford Tyres Group.

4. Mr. Chua Erwin
Mr. Chua is appointed head of the Group’s Indonesian operation since 2010. He has deep knowledge of OTR and truck tyres as well as high performance radial car tyres and wheels. He is a member of Indonesian Imported Tyres and Traders Association.

*Mr. Wee Kok Wah and Mrs. Dawn Kwok Wai Ying are husband and wife.

Principal Activities

The principal activities of the Company consist of wholesale and retail of tyres and wheels and servicing of motor vehicles throughout Indonesia.  The Company has a branch office in Balikpapan to cater to mining contractors in Kalimantan.


brand-falkenA brand renowned for its high performance passenger car tyres produced by Sumitomo Rubber Industries Co. Ltd, a major Japanese manufacturer. The brand also includes a full range of 4×4 tyres, light truck radial tyres as well as truck and bus radial tyres. We distribute Falken tyres made in Japan and Thailand throughout Indonesia.


brand-continentalA high-end range of tyres engineered in Germany that consists of passenger car radials, light truck, military, agricultural and industrial solid tyres for commercial vehicles.  Continental AG has appointed the Company as one of the importer in Indonesia of Continental brand tyres and other products.


brand-maxamA Luxembourg-based manufacturer of all steel radial earthmover (off the road) tyres.  Maxam are designed and engineered in Europe, but manufacturing is carried out in Shandong province, China, under strict quality control.

Our proprietary brands include:

Sumo Firenza

brand-sumo-firenzaThe Sumo Firenza line is a selection of passenger car radial tyres, light truck radial tyres, truck and bus radial tyres covering tube type and tubeless type. The Sumo Firenza radial tyre comes in both Standard and Extra Load specifications. The Standard Load tyres are intended for the American and European markets where operating conditions are more demanding. Contract manufactured in Asia, the tyres provide superior, long-lasting quality even on the toughest roads.

Sumo Tire

brand-sumotireSumo Tire is a selection of light truck tyres, truck and bus tyres, agricultural tyres and earthmover (off-the-road) tyres.  Sumo Tire is made in Asia and we offer a wide range of sizes and specifications to customers that need tyres for demanding round-the-clock operations at affordable prices.s.

Stamford Sport Wheels (SSW)

brand-sswStamford Sport Wheels (SSW) is Stamford Tyres’ own light alloy wheels that are designed and produced by our wheel plant in Thailand. SSW alloy wheels are manufactured using the latest Japanese Tilting Casting method and under stringent quality control to ensure the best balance of aesthetics and performance. All alloys wheels are manufactured in accordance to internationally recognised quality standards (VIA/JWL).  SSW alloy wheels are tailored for passenger cars and 4×4 vehicles with rim sizes ranging from 13” to 22”.

Retail Shops Business

The Company is running two (2) retail shops in Jakarta. These retail outlets allow the Company to maintain direct contact with the consumers, understand the changing dynamics of the market and to respond appropriately as trends evolve.

This operation is instrumental in showcasing the Company’s brand to end-users. It complements the distribution activities of the Company. It also builds up the Stamford Tyres image making it a “household” name in the tyre and wheel market.